Workout Clothing Policy

Patrons (members and guests) must carry in their clean, dry, workout shoes. Other footwear must be worn to enter the Student Recreation Center.

Workout shoes: The shoes to be worn to exercise in the weight room, play an activity on the gym floor, jog on the track, participate in aerobics class, etc.

Suggestions for other footwear to be worn to enter the facility: shower sandals, TEVAS, old tennis shoes, boots, etc.

Skates: Only clean, non-black, indoor wheels may be used on skates in the Multipurpose Gym. Patrons must carry in their skates while wearing other footwear they will not use as workout shoes.

Patrons in bare feet or stocking feet will not be allowed to enter the Student Recreation Center.

Weight Room Clothing Policy

  1. Full shirt with sleeves worn appropriately – Inappropriate: Sleeveless shirts, altered shirts (e.g., t-shirt with sleeves rolled up and shirt with sleeves cut off), tank tops, muscle shirts, sports bras as tops, shirts exposing midriff
  2. Shorts or pants – Inappropriate: Jeans, clothing with zippers or rivets, short shorts
  3. Rubber soled shoes – Inappropriate: Sandals or sport sandals, flip flops, deck shoes, dress shoes, boots

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