System Maintenance Window Guidelines

CATEGORY: Information Technology
STATUS: Approved


Network servers and equipment require service and/or upgrades from time to time in order to operate to their highest capability and in an efficient manner. In order to minimize the downtime of the Truman networks, ITS requires a regular maintenance window.


This guideline includes all ITS-managed servers and services. This guideline also covers network downtime for campus network equipment. MOREnet downtime (for access to off-campus internet resources) has its own downtime window.


On-campus Maintenance Windows
Unscheduled downtime
Off-Campus Internet Maintenance Window Schedule


On-Campus Maintenance Windows


Production maintenance and/or backup processes run daily between 3:00am and 5:00am.  During this time, many enterprise/administrative systems will be unavailable


ITS reserves the right to take servers and/or network equipment down for maintenance or repair every Thursday night, from 8:00pm until 6:00am the following morning, and also on any Truman observed holiday.

ITS also reserves the right to take down enterprise/administrative servers for maintenance every Sunday from 8:00am until 8:00 pm (this time will be used for more comprehensive upgrades).

This does not mean that every Thursday or holidays that all servers and network access will be down for 10 hours.  Most server maintenance can be done within a couple of hours, and servers will only be taken down in a manner that will minimize downtime of all network services within this maintenance window.  Those services that affect classroom activity during this timeframe will not be taken down until classes are complete.  In addition, ITS will notify the University community by normal means of communication if the maintenance window will be invoked.

Unscheduled Downtime

In some instances, it will not be possible to wait until the maintenance window.  Should this occur, ITS will notify the University community by normal means of communication and will also post the information to the online service notes located at:  http://its.

Off-Campus Internet Maintenance Window

MOREnet provides off-campus internet access for Truman, and has a regularly scheduled maintenance window every weekend. The maintenance window begins at midnight on Saturday and last for twelve hours until noon on Sunday, unless otherwise announced. Actual outages or delays are usually a shorter time period within this window.  During MOREnet’s down-time, internal campus network services will remain available.

Notifications regarding maintenance and unexpected outages are posted to the ITS Service Notes page.


Daily Maintenance
– 3:00am-5:00am daily, production maintenance/backup processes

Weekly Maintenance
– Thursday, 8:00pm through Friday, 6:00am for on-campus services
– Saturday, 12:00am until Sunday, 12:00pm  (MOREnet, off-campus internet)
– Sunday, 8:00am until Sunday, 8:00pm, for enterprise systems upgrades

REVIEW/CHANGE HISTORY: 2003/12/15, 2009/11/01, 2011/02/03


ITS – Information Technology Services




Line of authority

Policy Administrator: Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Contact: Chief Information Officer, 111 McClain, 660-785-4163

Effective date

Effective Date: 02-03-2011

Approved Date: 02-03-2011

Policy Type: Operations