Priority for Classroom Scheduling

In our ongoing efforts to utilize classroom space effectively and efficiently, it is imperative that we implement a policy for the priority scheduling of classrooms that balances the classroom space needs of individual programs with the University’s need to ensure that all academic classroom needs are met. To  that end, the following  procedures  are in effect for all classroom  scheduling:

  1. During the Fall and Spring semesters, Schools will maintain the authority for scheduling of classrooms and spaces that are typically used for their purposes, until the “Schedule Producing Timeline” is produced and published by the Academic Affairs Office. This timeline will be produced each semester and published no later than the sixth week of the term. On the date published in the Schedule Producing Timeline, the Academic Affairs Office will audit the course schedule and begin the optimization  process through Event Management  System  (EMS).
  2. Due to the unique summer challenges of classrooms being off-line for maintenance as well as the competing demands for classroom space with entities such as JBA, Upward Bound, and AP Courses, the Office of Academic Affairs, in collaboration with the Deans, will still complete all summer classroom.
  3. The Director for the Center of Academic Excellence, in collaboration with the Deans/Chairs, will schedule all Truman Transformation classrooms.

The Priority Scheduling Chart shows School classroom scheduling authority. The authority for each room is color­-coded and the legend for the color-coding is at the bottom of the chart. If there is no color code  associated with a room, it is available for anyone to reserve it in Banner at any  time.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to follow this policy to efficaciously meet the entirety of our University’s classroom needs.


Any requests for exceptions to this policy must be submitted  in writing to the  Provost.

Line of authority

Policy Administrator: Provost

Contact: Assistant to the Provost

Effective date

Effective Date: 07-14-2017

Approved Date: 07-14-2017

Policy Type: Operations