Part-Time Faculty Pay Rate Policy

Truman State University Academic Affairs Policy Part-Time Faculty Pay Rate

Starting in contract year 2018-19, new part-time faculty will be hired under the adjunct pay scale for any amount of teaching load less than .75 FTE. This percentage will be based on a 12 credit hour teaching load per semester. At .75 FTE part-time instructors earn benefits of a full time employee, and will be paid at the rate of 75% of the non-tenure track starting salary for the current Fiscal Year.

Even though full-time benefits are earned at .75 FTE, the employee tuition discount does not apply until an employee is considered full-time, in every aspect. The tuition discount is a Board of Governors policy that clearly states it is for full-time employees only, not part-time employees that earn full-time benefits.

Reappointed part-time faculty members that are already paid on a different scale will be able to maintain their current pay rate until such a time they are no longer reappointed.

.75 FTE faculty positions should be used sparingly, as hiring someone at .75 FTE will be considerably more expensive than paying adjunct rate for the same number of courses. However, it is understood that extenuating circumstances may dictate that this is the only viable option.

Deans may request exceptions to this policy only for specific and compelling circumstances. Exceptions will only be granted by the Provost, and must be requested in writing.

29 October 2018 Approved: Janet L. Gooch, Ph. D.

Line of authority

Policy Administrator: Academic Affairs

Contact: Steve Petersen

Effective date

Effective Date:

Approved Date: 10-29-2018

Policy Type: Operations