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After the Purchasing Section of the Business Office orders your requisitioned goods or services, a receiving report will be prepared and returned to you.  As soon as the order is complete, sign and date (the actual date you received goods) the receiving report and send it to Accounts Payable as quickly as possible.  Please note any changes that have been authorized.  If the receiving report is signed and no other notations are made.  Accounts Payable will assume that you received all goods ordered.  Keep your copy of the receiving report for you files.  Vendors cannot be paid until you acknowledge that the goods have been received or services rendered.

If you receive an invoice or statement in your office, PLEASE DO NOT KEEP IT.  Send it to the Business Office, c/o Accounts Payable.  We must have the invoice plus the receiving report to process payment.  Please indicate the requisition or purchase order number on the invoice or statement.

Normally when a requisition is completed, the goods or services are ordered through Purchasing and payment is made through receipt of an invoice and a signed and dated receiving report.  Items such as Sodexo costs or Campus Bookstore supplies do not need to be requisitioned in advance.  Please prepare a requisition and attach the invoice for all Sodexo charges.  Campus Bookstore charges will be back charged to your budget each month with the exception of any charges to be paid from the Truman State University Foundation.  A voucher will need to be prepared for these charges and the invoice attached.


“Agreement for Contractual Services” form must accompany a requisition when you are paying a person for a honorarium type of service rendered for the University, such as a speaker, camp counselor or consultant.  The agreement forms must be filled out completely and signed by the Dean or Department Head, the appropriate President’s staff member, and the President if over $15,000.00, and the person employed under the agreement.  The person employed under the agreement MUST sign the contract.  The name CANNOT be typed or written in.  Please help Accounts Payable avoid delays by including the completed, original agreement form with the requisition.  These types of expenditures may however still be classified as payroll items.  The Business Office will review each one to see how it should be classified.


The University will prepay registration fees for meetings.  Complete a requisition and send the completed registration form toAccounts Payable.

Travel advances are not normally issued unless you are taking a group of students.  To help with your travel needs, Visa cards are available through the University at no charge for full-time employees. Contact the Business Office secretary for an application.  If you are taking a group of students and a meal advance is issued, an itemization of expenditures must be turned in within three weeks of issuing the advance.  An expense report must be completed and all receipts for expenditures must be attached.  If the funds were given to the students, you must have the students sign for such funds.  A list of these signatures, amounts, and dates of travel must be given to Accounts Payable.  Please note the requisition number on this list.

Airline, railroad and bus tickets can be ordered in advance.  Complete a requisition as early as possible.  Purchasing will issue the necessary purchase orders.  Any tickets exceeding One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) or group travel must be processed through  Purchasing.  Please DO NOT SIGN any contracts with a travel agency.  YOUR signature does not constitute an authorized contract on behalf of the University and the University will not responsible for services not authorized by purchase orders.

All rentals of vans, cars, etc. (non-University vehicles) must also be requisitioned in advance and subsequent purchase orders issued.  A standing order should be issued for individuals, divisions, or departments that frequently use rental vehicles.  An estimate of charges may be used to issue a purchase order for the fiscal year.  Please check with Public Safety on the availability of University Vehicles.  These vehicles are for University business only.


Payments (check or direct deposit) are issued each Wednesday and Friday.  If you must rush through a payment, the requisition has to be created AND approved, and ALL backup documentation (i.e. contract, W-9, etc.) needs to be received by Accounts Payable no later than two weeks before the date the check is need.   Also, an e-mail should be sent to procurement@truman.edu alerting Accounts Payable that the requisition needs to be rushed (include document # in your e-mail).

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