Network Storage Space Quotas and Locations Policy

CATEGORY:  Information Technology, Privacy, Information Access and Management
STATUS:         Approved


The purpose of the network storage space quota policy is to:

  • Define and document available storage locations provided by the University.
  • Define allocated and available space and quotas at these locations.
  • Define a procedure to request additional storage space.

The University network storage is a critical resources utilized by all campus units: It provides a safe and secure location for files and documents. The storage space provides a mechanism for campus units to share and interact with a common set of files. This location is centrally administered, secured and backed up.

The network storage locations are a finite resource and care must be taken that the available space is not exhausted. To that end, usage quotas are in effect that provide a limit on the amount of available space on a per user basis.


  • All members of the Truman State University community
  • Anyone granted access to Truman State University data, systems or networks


Network Storage Locations and Quotas
Procedure for requesting additional storage space
Maintenance period for network storage space
Archiving and data retention


Define network storage locations and acceptable utilization.

Network Storage Locations and Quotas
For a full list of network storage locations and quota entries please see the ITS website at

Network storage locations acceptable use
Network storage locations are intended for educational data only. They are not intended to archive large amounts of non-critical or personal data including the storage of personal pictures, videos, music or any other non-educational material. The University reserves the right to suspend access if illegal data is stored in these locations. Storage of illegal or copyrighted materials outside of individual ownership or academic use is prohibited. All utilization of University information resources is subject to the Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources Policy.

Procedure for requesting additional storage space
Any individual may request additional storage space. This request should be submitted as a Help Desk ticket documenting their need for the additional space and the additional amount requested. ITS will evaluate the request and if space is available increase the individual’s storage quota up to two times the original allotment.  Requests for additional space greater than twice the standard allotment will be evaluated on a case by case basis and may require additional resources from the requesting campus unit.

Archiving and data retention
The University will maintain user data in these available storage locations for up to ninety days after an individual has left the University.  When this ninety-day window has expired the data will be automatically purged and deleted. This process does not apply to storage in shared locations such as campus unit shared w: drives and campus unit web pages.

Any exceptions to this policy must be approved in writing by ITS (see contact information below).


By failing to abide by this policy or policy procedures, individuals may be subject to sanctions, up to and including the loss of computer or network privileges, disciplinary action, suspension, termination of employment, dismissal from the University, and legal action. Some violations may constitute criminal offenses under local, state, and federal laws. The University will carry out its responsibility to report such violations to the appropriate authorities.

REVIEW/CHANGE HISTORY:   2012/07/11, 2017/10/11



Line of authority

Policy Administrator: Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Contact: Chief Information Officer, 111 McClain, 660-785-4163

Effective date

Effective Date: 10-11-2017

Approved Date: 10-11-2017

Policy Type: Operations