Main Gym Usage


1. Appropriate footwear required.

2. This is a tobacco-free facility.

3. Foul language prohibited. If we hear it, you will be asked to leave.

4. No dunking or hanging on the rim. If we see it, you will be asked to leave.

5. The only appropriate activities allowed on the main gym floor include basketball, volleyball, badminton, pickleball, jump roping, and table tennis. Roller hockey, ultimate frisbee, indoor soccer, softball/baseball/football throwing, kickball, dodgeball, rugby and lacrosse are prohibited.

6. Priority activities unless a court schedule is posted on the gym doors: basketball is the priority activity on the center and west courts unless the court(s) are reserved; badminton or pickleball or volleyball (first come basis) is the priority activity on the east court unless the court is reserved. Check the weekly schedule at the Member Services Desk for current information.

7. On a space available basis a volleyball net, badminton/pickleball net, or table tennis table may be set up at any time.

8. The instructions from the Student Recreation Center staff must be followed at all times.

9. Failure to follow usage guidelines or instructions from the staff may result in your removal from the Student Recreation Center.

10. For assistance or to report facility problems, please go to the Member Services Desk.

PLEASE HELP MAINTAIN YOUR FACILITY: 1. No food or drinks are permitted on the wood floor, with the exception of sport bottles with pop-up tops.

2. Please, no chewing gum.

3. Please pick up your own trash, etc.

4. No spitting.

5. Spectators must stay outside the boundary lines for the basketball courts; street shoes and hard-soled shoes are not permitted within the court boundaries.

CHALLENGE RULES: 1. All non-reserved courts are challenge courts if others are waiting to play.

2. Basketball: Single games to 15 points (one point for field goals, two points for field goals from behind the arc); winning team keeps the court; the next five players in line are the challengers; if there are not five players in line then players from the losing team may be chosen to complete the challenging team.

3. Volleyball: Thirty minute time limit for same teams unless all available players are working in as substitutes. Otherwise, winning team keeps the court and the next players in line are the challengers.

4. Badminton/Pickleball: Best two of three games to 11 points each game. Winning player(s) keeps the court; the next player(s) in line is the challenger.

5. Table tennis: Single games to 21 points. Winning player(s) keeps the table; the next player(s) in line is the challenger.

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