Hiring Tenure Track Faculty Without Terminal Degrees

Starting in contract year 2016-2017, faculty members hired into tenure track positions, who have not yet earned their terminal degrees, will concede 10% of the normal annual salary for the position. Salary will be adjusted to the normal starting salary for the faculty member starting in January, if documentation is in hand in Academic Affairs by the last day of the Fall semester stating all degree requirements have been met and date degree will be conferred. If the degree is not earned by the last day of the Fall semester, the salary will remain 10% less than normal annual salary for the Spring semester as well.

New faculty members will have until the day reappointment recommendations are due to the Academic Affairs Office, to obtain their terminal degree. If, at the time reappointment recommendations are due, the faculty member has not earned the terminal degree, a contract for reappointment will not be offered.

Deans may request exceptions to this policy only for specific and compelling circumstances. Exceptions will only be granted by the Provost, and must be requested in writing.

The policy is not retroactive. For faculty members who were Truman employees prior to the date of this memorandum, the University will uphold any agreements made between the Dean and faculty member regarding terminal degree achievement.

Line of authority

Policy Administrator: Janet Gooch

Contact: Steve Petersen

Effective date

Effective Date: 07-14-2017

Approved Date: 07-14-2017

Policy Type: Operations