Faculty Titles


Beginning with the 2016-17 Academic Year contracts, the titles and naming convention of our faculty was changed to the structure below. These changes were made to streamline the process and standardize the titles that professors have across campus. Titles of faculty members no longer include the words “Temporary” or “Part-Time.” These are conditions of employment and, therefore, are not be a part of titles.

  • Tenured and Tenure Track, and full-time faculty with terminal degrees will hold titles of Assistant Professor, Associate  Professor,  or Professor.
  • Temporary, full-time faculty with terminal degrees will hold the same title as above, but the condition of employment will be noted in their contract as “temporary.”
  • Non-Tenure Track Full-time faculty without terminal degrees will hold the title of Instructor.
  • Part-Time Lecturers in Nursing and CMDS will hold the title of Clinical Instructor due to the clinical component of the position and to better reflect those responsibilities.
  • All Part-time faculty members will hold the title of Lecturer, with the exception of retired professors with emeritus status. Retired professors who continue to teach part time will hold the title “Professor Emerita/Emeritus of (Discipline that was on their last contract prior to retiring).”

Faculty being reappointed, or those on a continuous contract who were hired prior to the effective date of this policy, and hold different titles, will maintain their current titles.


Exceptions to this naming convention  can be requested  in writing through the Provost, to the President.

Line of authority

Policy Administrator: Janet Gooch

Contact: Steve Petersen

Effective date

Effective Date: 07-14-2017

Approved Date: 07-14-2017

Policy Type: Operations