Faculty Leave of Absence Without Compensation

Leave without compensation may be granted in unusual or rare circumstances and is reserved for unique opportunities that cannot be accomplished by any other means. For example, leave without compensation may be granted when a faculty member is offered a visiting scholar award, has the oppotiunity for unique research that cannot be conducted on campus or during a sabbatical leave, or other oppotiunities that could potentially bring substantial credit or future oppotiunities to the University and its constituents.

Leaves without compensation will not normally be granted to persons wishing to accept a regular faculty appointment at another institution. Only tenured and tenure track faculty that have potential to make a significant contribution to the University by taking advantage of such an opportunity will be considered. Eligibility for leave without compensation will begin after the third year of service to the University.

Subsequent leaves without compensation will not be granted unless six years has passed since the last leave. Leave without compensation will not exceed one year.

A written request for a leave of absence without compensation should be submitted to the Department Chair by October 1 of the year previous to the fall semester or full year of leave without compensation, or by February 1 of the year previous to the spring semester of the leave. This request should include a detailed justification of how the leave will benefit both the faculty member and the University. If the Department Chair approves, the Chair’s approval memo should include an outline of how the faculty member’s instructional load will be covered during the period of absence.

Leaves without compensation must be approved by the Department Chair, Dean, and Provost. Requests that are denied at any level will not be sent forward to the next. Before the leave without compensation request is sent to the Provost, the Department Chair and/or the Dean concerned must have agreed that the assignments usually carried out by the person requesting the leave may, and will, be carried out satisfactorily by others without any extra cost to the University.

Benefits are not provided to faculty on leave without compensation. While a faculty member is on leave without compensation, Truman will not continue to pay its share toward retirement or Social Security benefits. The faculty member’s insurance benefits will not continue while the faculty member is on leave without compensation.

Leave of absence without compensation would extend the clock toward eligibility for tenure and promotion, and the time will not be counted toward retirement or toward years of service. Faculty members participating in a MOSERS retirement plan will have their leave of absence reported to MOSERS. The leave of absence will impact MOSERS length of service accordingly.


Requests for an exception to this policy must be submitted in writing to the Provost.

Line of authority

Policy Administrator: Janet Gooch

Contact: Steve Petersen

Effective date

Effective Date: 12-04-2017

Approved Date: 12-04-2017

Policy Type: Operations