Changing Classroom Functionality Policy

Truman State University
Academic Affairs Policy
Requesting Changes to Classroom Functionality


It is common for departments or schools to request changes in the technology, seating capacity, or functionality of academic spaces to keep pace with pedagogical best practices and maintain relevance as an institution that provides quality education to our students. These types of changes and innovations are both anticipated and welcomed. This policy outlines the routing procedures, timeline, and method for making such requests.

For a request to make any significant change to the overall functionality, seating capacity, or technology/technology level of a classroom, a Department Chair must submit a memo to the School Dean requesting the change. At a minimum, the memo must include a brief concept of the requested change, why it is needed, what benefits the change will provide, and why existing space cannot be used. That memo, if supported by the Dean should be forwarded to the Provost’s Office for review. In order to ensure the requested changes are feasible from a University-wide infrastructure, maintenance, and fiscal perspective, the Provost’s Office will consult campus non-academic entities including but not limited to physical plant, ITS, and campus planning. If the project seems feasible, the request will go to the Deans Council for review.

The Deans Council will review and approve or deny all requests for changes to rooms semi-annually. The first review will take place in December, and will pertain to requests for alterations over the coming summer break. Requests for a room to be significantly altered in the summer are due to the Provost’s office the previous December 1st. The second review will take place in June, and will pertain to requests for alterations to be made over the coming winter break. Requests to alter classrooms over the winter break are due the previous June 1st.

The purpose of Deans Council review is to both inform all academic areas of the requested change to the classroom, and to give each School an opportunity to make it known if the requested change will somehow negatively impact its ability to accomplish its instructional mission. If the Deans Council approves of the requested change, the Provost’s Office will forward the request to the University Facilities Committee to be added onto the list of upcoming projects.


Any requests for exceptions to this policy must be submitted in writing to the Provost.

23 October 2018 Approved: Janet L. Gooch, Ph. D.

Line of authority

Policy Administrator: Academic Affairs

Contact: Steve Petersen

Effective date

Effective Date:

Approved Date: 10-23-2018

Policy Type: Operations