Appointment Process for Chairs

Departments will develop procedures to identify nominees for the position of Chair. These procedures must be transparent, open, non-discriminatory, and made available to all department faculty in writing. Department procedures must be reviewed by the EEO Compliance Officer and are subject to the approval of the Dean, Provost, and President.

Departments will forward the name(s) of Chair nominee(s) to the Dean. Appointment of Chairs is made upon the recommendation of the Dean and approval of the Provost and President. If a department’s nominee is not appointed, the department can repeat the process and submit the name of a different nominee. If the second nominee is not appointed, the Dean, upon approval of the Provost and President, may appoint a Chair.

Departments must submit the name(s) of nominee(s) to the Dean no later than February 15. However, a Dean can establish an earlier deadline for his/her respective School. The Dean may name a Chair if a department does not submit any names by the School’s deadline.

Chairs should be tenured faculty members of the department.

A Chair’s term of service is three years and begins at the initial starting period for summer contracts. At the end of each completed term the department must go through its predetermined Chair appointment process.

For their administrative duties, Chairs receive additional compensation and release time not to exceed the amounts specified as part of this policy. Deans and Chairs will collaborate prior to the beginning of the Chair’s term, to determine whether this scale is appropriate based on faculty size and make up, and the estimated time that a Chair will spend on administrative duties. Any recommended changes should be submitted to the Provost, in writing, no later than May 1st.

In rare cases, upon the recommendation of the Dean and Provost, the President may, after he/she or his/her designee has held a meeting with the department faculty, declare a vacancy to exist in the position of Chairperson.

Requests for an exception to this policy must be submitted in writing to the Provost.

2017 Department Chair Maximum Release Time

Department Release Time
Accounting 50%
Agriculture 33%
Art 50%
Biology 67%
Business Administration 50%
Chemistry 67%
Classical and Modern Languages 67%
Communication 67%
Communication  Disorders 33%
Computer Science 33%
Economics 33%
Education 50%
English 67%
Health Science 67%
History 50%
Justice Systems 33%
Mathematics 50%
Music 67%
Nursing 50%
Philosophy and Religion 33%
Physics 50%
Political Science 33%
Psychology 50%
Society and Environment 33%
Statistics 33%
Theatre 33%

Line of authority

Policy Administrator: Janet Gooch

Contact: Steve Petersen

Effective date

Effective Date: 11-30-2017

Approved Date: 11-30-2017

Policy Type: Operations